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Becoming Less Defined by Progress-Regress Becoming Less Defined :iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 4 2
Black Pan
I took a drill to my temple.
I was wondering what's inside.
Just a world of grey mincemeat
and one hundred haven't trieds.
I drove an iron bolt through my spine.
I wanted to hold myself aloft.
But the world keeps on spinning
with my feet up off the ground.
I drag my heart behind me.
I can't carry it anymore.
This world is burned and dirty
I should leave it on the floor.
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 3 0
Epicurean Banquet
Retreating footsteps in the greenhouse.
Heavy breathing,
Blood and cream,
Fading pulse.
This is where I grow my new skin.
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 2 1
Hope in a Smile
Gather around children and listen, for if you don't heed this lesson it could be your last. I recount to you a legend who's roots are so deep and penetrating that they overstep the bounds of human history.
For once upon a time, long past where we dwell today. All of humanity lived in relative harmony, every man had his place, and every one had a woman beside him. Though this may stir disbelief and seem like a utopia born only in the most deluded of minds, it is a truth that is far from echoed today.
Back in those bright and beautiful days, people were as happy as people can reasonably be, though dangers still lay in wait. The seeds of horrors to come were germinating, but so subtly hidden that no-one could suspect a thing.
I speak of the only blight of what was called the modern era, and the horrors we face today were similarly faced back then. Though it was distilled, the terrible moments drawn out in intense sessions, believe what you may, but these were by appointment. Willingly the
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 3 0
Snow Madness
The roads were choked with cars full of panic and confusion. The forecast was heavy snowfall overnight, people were warned not to try and leave their homes, and if they had to, that they should take blankets and a shovel with them in case. Tesco was having a sale, buy one get one free survival bundles containing some blankets, a shovel, bottled water and tinned food supplies. It was crowded with ugly mad people frenziedly buying things they thought they needed.
It was snowing, and it was starting to settle. A grim reminder of the imminent threat of nationwide stupidity and an unnecessary breakdown of all civilisation. By the time we finally got home and out of the car with our  shovels, there was a little more then an inch of snow. We had to run down the drive and rush in through the door, lest we be buried under the coming tide of fluffy snow.
Last night during the breaks between weather forecasts, there were adverts for Tesco's survival bundles, and a charity appeal.
A pict
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 2 9
My eyelids are thumbs that press on my eyes until they are forced into the back of my skull, there they cut cores into my brain and try to search what lurks in my mind. Between folds of pink bloody flesh electric pulses dance and along them slither muted neon eels with light bulbs shining through their scaly skin. They bite down on the scruff of my brain then drag it all around, knotting it, pairing it and performing their origami to manipulate it into calabi-yau shapes like a fabulous slide teetering on the edge of an event horizon. I stick my hands into the sockets for my eyes and wriggle my fingers around to try and find them in my head, in a whisking frenzy I emerge from my throat and can see through the black globe optics on my nails. Feeling the throbbing of my pulse beating in my neck I creep outwards over my chest touching it with the limbs on the end of my arm, the right side of my chest concave stretches up and over my shoulders and reaching over shields the left side where m
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 4 2
Corybantic Ennui by Progress-Regress Corybantic Ennui :iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 4 2
DFC 31 Unforgiving Rondeau R..
A line might form inside my head
Though words should gush forth from my heart
Designing worlds to leave for dead
The crime ignorance we call art
Thoughts quite thunderous softly tread
Some enough to be veiled in part
Blast creativity apart
A line might form inside my head
Stifled by the template ahead
The things meaning swiftly depart
Finding that tomorrow I dread
Though words should gush forth from my heart
Something else that I'd tried to start
The forge roars rivers molten red
Life dawns and I fail to impart
Designing worlds to leave for dead
Smiles and applause naught but a thread
Ghastly reviews would prove your smarts
Reading has obviously fled
The crime ignorance we call art
Can't you save me from what I've said
Wheel away my mind in a cart
Just who knows what is even read
Victims one slice away from tart
A line might form
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 4 5
DFC 16 Thunder Rolled Shadorma
Little Sue
High socks, blonde pigtails
Sweet caress
She wonders
Why it always has to be
Black eyes and white lies
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 3 4
DFC 15 Mystery Dodoitsu
Wrapped in a patchwork blanket
He don't even know his name
No outward sign for ten years
Could be wasted love
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 2 2
DFC 14 And Nero Fiddled Lento
Tonight streets glow ember red
Fright like fingers sweep abound
Might they scurry from warm bed
Blight ash choirs layer the ground
Why must panic and chaos ensue
Try as you might I can go on
Cry all you like I only want you
My dear tonight's drawn a wrong'un
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 3 1
DFC 13 Emote Naani
A blob
Sometimes comes in smiles
Sometimes comes in frowns
But I like the hug that leaps and bounds
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 2 2
DFC 12 Demented Sedoka
Quicksand memories
Are in my hungry reprieve
The prison I feed so well
Half-baked melodies
Of vacuous space filled need
This cage drinks my heart fluid clean
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 2 2
DFC 11 Insatiable Kyrielle
Lamplights aching above our path
Like gargoyle eyes watch us pass
A cricket hums the grass amore
You promised this and so much more
Our hill to climb a woods caress
Dusk and mist peaceful words address
Feet you'd help me dip to streamshore
You promised this and so much more
Somewhere raining stars and moonlight
A place that ennui shirks my plight
An oath against boredom both swore
You promised this and so much more
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 3 2
DFC 10 Celebrity Triolet
Grinning like a fool
I walked into the firelight
Bright liquid stars pool
Grinning like a fool
Peeling off the media spool
Dazzling in the spotlight
Grinning like a fool
I walked into the firelight
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 2 1
DFC 09 Osmosis Glosa
This harpoon through the mind
Has sprung a leak and sinking
A thought tears up a hailstorm
Pierce apart the channel desire
Never could tell where it came from
This harpoon through the mind
Fall down a well all over you
Plumb a depth so void of truth
Its too late now that my world
Has sprung a leak and sinking
:iconprogress-regress:Progress-Regress 2 1

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Docile and stagnant he lays on a spring encrusted crypt. A bright beam of luminance sears and his eyelid is lifted and inspected. Again he is left to continue rotting, and they leave the room - the door clicks quietly closed.
Time passes and the lingering daylight retreats gradually, shrouded in numb twilight a beetle steers along its path. A musty musky stillness coils about the air, it stings the eyes that one must blink it out in grey mouldering tears.
Masked face this time, a shaft of light falling over dust rising in the air. The side of his mouth is pulled back, cream coagulated saliva clings to the fingertips. Seemingly satisfied the scene is abandoned in stifling sterility.
Boundaries blur and the mulch and all are absolved. A claustrophobic cavern, creeping viscous spires, brown bestubbled, fibrous perspiring dirty mildew.
The door will no longer open and fate is left to its course. Through action or inaction another corner lost its immaterial grip, those reliant upon it smoulder at a distance. Thick steam, choking, slipping away.

A world away from all that should be, as I myself stumble about in the lustrous fog, blinding and unending. So I procrastinate once more and more and over again. What can anyone learn from this? That they oft-times let up time along until it passes by? That ennui might rear its sodden head to dismiss all concurrence, this and that, while I remain the other thing.
Could this be the one that ends better, could it end as all others, or worser than another?
All I know, is that I don't know who I am, or where I am going on this ocean of chaos. So I am hoping and breathing that later on, another half a year and then many more after. I am hoping and breathing, that its leading somewhere I've forgotten, and somewhere I never knew, and somewhere faraway. Somewhere I think I'll know if I might ever tread. I might ever get there from where I've already been.
If there isn't a path there, then what path is worth taking if it is or is not? I don't think I'd know if I found that one, the one that leads further into void and oblivion. I would follow it on and on and never meet the reckoning it represents.

What do you think, if you do, I'm not really sure when it comes to others. I imagine it could happen, I can't tell even if I am told the thoughts of others, but that's a whole lot closer anyway. So please, tell me things I couldn't make up - or imagine?



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